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Black Caviar – Exceptional Perfection

Published: 3 years, 10 months ago

The Source are delighted to announce that we have successfully hosted our first event in a series of networking events called “Straight from The Source”.  The event was well attended with a number of the region’s leading procurement directors enjoying the refreshments, peer to peer networking and presentations.

To kick off the spring carnival season, Dr Stephen Silk, Commercial Manager for Black Caviar spoke at the event in Melbourne and delighted us on some interesting stats and facts on the exceptional perfection that is Black Caviar.  

Having qualified initially as a vet Dr Silk has been consultant and commercial manager to the owners of the world champion, undefeated racehorse Black Caviar since 2011 and was previously the GM at the Victoria Racing Club.

Dr. Silk covered four areas in his presentation;
• Basic facts – “Marginal theory of racing”
• Equine Superstar – “Scorecard”
• Brand  - “Black Caviar”
• Retirement

There were a number of key lessons and messages that were taken away by attendees from the talk including:
• The importance of challenging the status quo in how your business is analysed.
• An emphasis on how the smallest advantages make all the difference.
• How to communicate in a language your target market understands.
• How to measure performance and recognize excellence.
• A reminder on knowing the internal and external factors that impact your success.
• Proof that winning takes courage.
• How you make your own luck with attention to detail.
• Examples of how good decision making will shape how you are remembered.

The next event in the series will be hosted in Sydney with the theme “Reading Between the Lines – Procuring the Truth” This event will focus on the seven universal emotions and reading into peoples expressions and movement to determine if they are being truthful.

We are thrilled to announce that Lizz Corbett, Ex-Constable of Victoria Police will be presenting this interesting topic which will be useful for any procurement professional when conducting negotiations, managing teams or meeting with stakeholders. Please contact Natalie Porter ( in our Sydney office for further information regarding this highly anticipated event as there may still be some availability.

If you would like to reach out to Dr Stephen Silk to find out more about his talk on Black Caviar then he can be contacted on the following email address: Stephen Silk