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Boosting your Career Goals for FY/2015!

Published: 3 years, 2 months ago

Author: Marisa Menezes


As we’re just a whisker away from the new Financial Year, it’s often a time when we reflect on what we’ve achieved in the past 12 months and what our goals are for the next year ahead.


During the month of June, The Source ran a series of networking events with high profile procurement leaders talking about their own careers and how they’d planned their respective professional journeys.  


Here’s a round-up of their top tips on boosting your career goals;

  • Be brave!  Sometimes we think we’re not ready for our ‘next big role’.  However, if someone within or external to your organisation identifies you as high potential and offers you that ‘huge, scary’ next step and they believe you can do it, then you need to believe too!  Remember, if you’re absolutely 100% qualified for a new role here and now, you’re going to be bored and outgrow it in no time at all.  So be brave, make a leap of faith be prepared to fly!


  • Educate yourself, but not too soon.  Our procurement leaders agree, further education is essential to get ahead. Sometimes though, education can be undertaken without enough practical experience in the field and then it becomes ‘purely academic’ and fails to translate into substantially improved work output.  So think carefully about where you want your study to take you and make sure you have some solid ground knowledge of your sector before you launch into it.


  • Engage with the frontline ‘sales’ force within your organisation.  Many leaders talk about how valuable it is to get on the road regularly with your sales people and experience the face to face end customer interaction and feedback.  How impressive and valuable would it be to be able to provide real customer insights to your stakeholders?  How much stronger do you think your stakeholder relationships would be knowing that you’d gone above and beyond to help them look like super-stars in their roles?


  • Be true to your personal values when choosing an organisation to work with.  Our leaders shared their insights that sometimes when contemplating a new role, we can be blinded by financial considerations alone.  Making sure that an organisation’s core values and culture are aligned with your own is one of the key factors in having a successful career.  If you have to become ‘someone else’ in order to fit in and get your job done, is it really the right place for you to be?


  • Have a career development plan, write it down and refer to it regularly!  Maybe you need to turn to a trusted mentor to workshop what your skill gaps are, what your core strengths are and what the elements of your next role need to be.  Once you’ve got these things sorted, develop a plan around how you’re going to close your skill gaps, capitalise on your strengths and strategically evaluate any new career opportunities that come your way.

In every successful and satisfying career journey there has to be an element of good luck versus good planning. We’ve just given you the good planning piece – now it’s over to you for the good luck!

To find out more about boosting your career goals, contact or call the Melbourne office of The Source on 03 9650 6665.