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Introducing Sanne Gruter

Published: 2 years, 11 months ago

Author: Marisa Menezes


We are very excited to announce our newest addition to The Source team, Sanne Gruter!


Sanne is a highly educated recruitment and Human Resource officer.  She holds a Bachelor in Applied Psychology and is competent in assessment, coaching and relationship management.  Sanne also has an International Masters of Culture, Organisation and Management which integrates anthropological, sociological and psychological approaches to identity, politics and cross-cultural co-operation with management and organisation theory.


Sanne has an extensive background in recruitment, most notably having worked with PepsiCo in Europe.  She has significant experience in growing quality talent pools and with her academic qualifications, is uniquely placed to be able to recognise, qualify and nurture top talent.


Sanne joins the team all the way from The Netherlands, bringing her international expertise to all our clients and candidates.  Here’s what she has to say about the world of procurement recruitment;


What do you love about the procurement sector?

It’s not enough to just have technical procurement skills, employers are also looking for strong communication and engagement skills.  With my psychology background, I’m particularly able to gauge interpersonal capabilities and provide clients with candidates that have genuine alignment to their requirements and values. 


Procurement is very dynamic, particularly around the relationships required with key stakeholders.  I experienced this first hand at PepsiCo.  My time there also showed me how procurement has the opportunity to innovate across the whole business, and this is what I love about procurement.


You’ve worked in recruitment for four years now.  What has made you a successful consultant?

My psychology background, combined with my Masters in Organisational Science has helped me understand the relationships between clients and candidates; the requirements on both sides.  My training taught me a lot about interviewing and to be able to accurately assess inter-personal skills.  I have a genuine interest in people and gain a personal satisfaction from helping others to develop and organisations to grow.


Having worked in large organisations within internal HR teams, it has given me a better understanding of the dynamics between different departments, international relationships and working in multi-cultural environments.


What are your observations of working in Australia?

So far it has been great. The nice weather, great coffee, the outdoor lifestyle as well as the amazing sports events. I’m already looking forward to going to the Australian Open again in January!


The willingness and genuine interest of The Source’s team to engage in the industry is what appeals to me most. It gives us as a team the opportunity to be experts in our field and it feeds back on the service we can offer to candidates and companies. It is a great environment to grow as a professional and I am looking forward to building my career here.


For more information or to speak to Sanne, please contact The Source on 03 9650 6665 or email Sanne directly at