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London Calling...

Published: 3 years, 9 months ago

Globetrotting former Parmalat Procurement Manager, Chantelle Genovezos, has recently moved to London and is inviting procurement professionals to become involved in the development of an innovative online community called Procurious.

"Procurious is going to define the next generation of commercial leaders.

“In conjunction with our London based team, Jack Slade and Emma Wells-Jones, I'm exploring all the possible ways we can support and develop the procurement profession online,” explained Chantelle.

After completing her Bachelor of International Studies in 2008, Chantelle began her career as a Procurement Officer.

“In procurement, I was able to work on diverse projects in a variety of areas, and get my hands on a wide spectrum of procurement activities and cross-functional initiatives;” reflected Genovezos, “Working with the Parmalat team was a great experience for me as I had full exposure to the organisation and inspirational leadership.”
Chantelle has always been interested in global opportunities, and after four successful years with Parmalat she decided in early 2013 to book a one-way ticket to Europe in pursuit of her global ambitions.  She was quickly convinced by Tania Seary, Founder of The Faculty and The Source, to take on the challenge of Procurious.

"Because I’ve worked in procurement, I understand the unique challenges we face as a profession.  It’s second nature for us to focus on innovation and adding value, but often this is done for our stakeholders. Now is the right time for the next generation of commercial leaders to define their professional identity – smart, global, savvy, creative. With a smartphone in our hands, we are more connected than ever, and yet we still remain a widespread and largely disconnected community.

"Procurious will be designed to connect procurement professionals around the world and create real-time access to a collaborative network of trusted peers.

"I can't say too much more for two reasons. Firstly – we want you to help us build this community. Secondly, it will all be built within our closed development community to be launched to the rest of our profession on May 13.  We want you to help us surprise everyone!” 

The Procurious team is seeking procurement professionals to become part of their Development Group and provide input to the creation of this exciting new online experience.  The project will require about 20 minutes of your time every 2 weeks for the next 5 months.  Contributors will be recognised on the new web-site and at a special launch party in Sydney in May.

“You’re already a part of Procurious, you just don’t know it yet,” said Chantelle.

Register your interest in joining the Procurious Development Group at