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Mindfulness in the Workplace

Published: 2 years, 8 months ago

Having just completed my research thesis on the topic of mindfulness at university, the overwhelming evidence of its importance in psychological health prompted me to write an article about its application in the workplace. Mindfulness practice can help you reduce stress, improve performance, manage pain and increase well-being. These are the reasons why elite athletes, performing artists and business leaders are taking up the practice, and why it is being introduced into the world's most successful companies.


So what is mindfulness? Research has shown that there are five distinct skills comprise mindfulness:

  • acting with awareness (deliberately attending to one’s activities of the present moment);
  • observing (noticing internal and external experiences);
  • describing (labelling internal experiences with words);
  • non-reactivity to inner experience (the tendency to allow thoughts and feelings to come and go); and
  • non-judging of inner experience (taking a non-evaluative stance towards thoughts and feelings).


In his recent book “Why Mindfulness is Better than Chocolate,” David Michie describes his experiences in providing mindfulness meditation training programs to corporate organisations, and its positive outcomes in the helping alleviate the impact and cost of workplace stress. Michie outlines the following key areas where mindfulness practice has been proven to benefit organisations:

  • dramatically improved attendance rates;
  • increased staff retention;
  • enhanced performance and job satisfaction;
  • better team work and interpersonal communication;
  • greater creativity and innovation;
  • better leadership through improved mental clarity, emotional regulation and empathy; and
  • provides employees with a greater sense of meaning and purpose.


Mindfulness application does require a personal level of daily commitment. Employers can provide employees with the opportunity to put it into practice through mindfulness training programs, mindfulness resources, establishing meditation groups, well-being programs and by requiring managers to exemplify mindful leadership.


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