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Personal vs. Company values

Published: 2 years, 8 months ago

After getting my Master’s degree in Culture, Organisation and Management, I made the decision to expand my horizon and do some volunteer work. I ended up in Thailand, where I had been traveling, washing elephants and teaching Hill Tribe kids English. After three months I went back home to be with my family over Christmas. Not long after I decided to extend the trip for another year and discover Australia and some more of Asia.


I hear you think, what does this have to do with values? Well, a lot.  It is this trip that showed me the values that are important to me. Meeting many people, from different countries, speaking different languages for several months, I noticed a pattern. It’s the things that people say or do that determine whether you choose to spend more time with them, because those behaviours are a reflection of a person’s values. The values you see in others in a social setting and resonate with you are usually the same values that are important for you in the workplace.  These become your conscious or unconscious ‘must haves’ when choosing an organisation to work for.


Does that mean all of the values need to be present in a future employer?  No. That would not be realistic. There has to be at least a couple of values present which align to your own value-set .  This will help you create your own list of ‘Employers of Choice’.


As an employer, how do you promote these values and connect with like-minded employees to create a high performance, harmonious culture? Organisation Values are most likely already on the company website. But this is not enough! As many know by now, the labour market is changing; millennials, generation Y, Social Media, flexible office, storytelling and job-hopping etc have significantly changed the way we view the work place and the things we give importance to. Employers need to show potential employees not only what their Organisational Values are, but also how they actually bring these values to life. To do this, successful employers openly share and promote success stories, challenges and transformational wins.


At The Source we align personal and company values between employers and candidates on a daily basis. We focus on the long term, building relationships to make sure we are aware of what’s important to both parties. Ultimately, values contribute to work place culture, and strong cultural fit is a key element to retaining great people and boosting productivity.


To find out how The Source can help you attract and retain the brightest minds in Procurement with strong values alignment, please contact Sanne Gruter on 03 9650 6665 or at