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Smart New Year Career Resolutions

Published: 2 years, 8 months ago

“I will get back to work”; “I will get a better job”; “I will get a promotion”: We all make New Year’s career resolutions to do better professionally and then promptly forget to harness these goals to activities that will get us there. Here are our top tips for resolutions that will make 2015 the year you do achieve your career goals.


Build from firm foundations;

As a professional, you are a bundle of skills and capabilities, and when you sell this bundle you are a selling a product or a commodity. Commit to the creation of killer CV.

Your CV is the most financially important document you will ever own: when your CV works, you work; when it doesn’t, you don’t. It’s one of the primary marketing device that introduces you to the professional world and your customer base. Properly executed, it ensures that prospective employers and future colleagues see you as you want to be seen. Cut corners with your CV, and you cheat yourself of employment now and career success in the future.


Develop the Career Management skills needed to succeed;

In a typical fifty-year work-life, where job changes occur about every four years, the most important career management skills you can develop are:

  • How to write a killer CV
  • How to get job interviews
  • How to turn job interviews into job offers
  • How to secure your job and win promotions
  • How to strategize career changes


No doubt no one has ever told you to think of developing career management skills as being important to achieving long-term professional success in your life.  But, since job security has become a memory from another century, you can see that the effort expended in acquiring career management skills will be paid back exponentially throughout your working life. A successful career doesn’t just happen, but it still can happen when you develop these career success skills and continue to polish them over the years.


Connect to your profession;

Most people don’t appreciate the importance of having a professional network - that is, until they are in a job search and realize they don’t have one. The lack of security in the new world of work makes professional connectivity a priority, not as a transitory demand of the job search, but as an ongoing career management responsibility. This job hunt is probably not your first and almost certainly won’t be your last, so it would be smart to commit time to learning a network-integrated approach to job searching. Of course, this requires that you build and nurture a professional network.

When you connect to your professional community it means you are connecting with the most committed and best-connected people in your profession; that has to be worth a little ongoing time and effort when who you know can be so important in terms of successful career management.  And, when you join, I hope that we can connect.

We invite you to join our sister company Procurious (  and become actively involved within the procurement profession, increasing contacts, credibility and visibility.


Protect your job and boost your employability;

Changing technology constantly alters the skills you need to complete, and without current skills, you are being paid for abilities that will rapidly become obsolete. You need an ongoing program of skill development to keep you employable and desirable in the job market.

One way to max your professional skills and protect your job at the same time starts with talking to your boss. Seek input for skills to develop and strategies to improve your performance. Implement the advice, and follow up informally every couple of months to share your commitment and progress. This informal follow-up keeps you visible to the people who can affect your future.

You’ll find that commitment to business imperatives, the common good, and consistent skill development will deliver you membership in the inner circle that exists in every department and company.