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Successful Career Transitioning

Published: 3 years, 6 months ago

Author: Marisa Menezes

I have recently joined The Source as Managing Director and couldn’t be happier.  In fact, I’ve been so energised by the environment, invigorated by the work and the people.  Have you ever had one of those moments where you realise that you are in exactly the right place, at exactly the right time, doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing?  It’s thrilling!

But the journey to get to this moment was not a smooth one.  Unexpectedly fraught with frustration and disappointment is a more accurate description.

Having worked in senior leadership roles for over a decade, I decided to make a transition into ‘something new’.  Exactly what that new role was going to be, I wasn’t entirely sure.

So I did the usual rounds of searching online and meeting with generalist recruiters.  Nobody seemed to help.  I was screaming out about the depth and quality of my experience, identifying opportunities in new industries, but not being able to convince those recruiters to join the dots.

And then I found my way to The Source.  My personal experience in going through the executive search process as a candidate with The Source was like graduating from high school and entering University!  Suddenly I was treated with a level of respect, maturity and professionalism commensurate with an executive level appointment.

The Source was able to recognise the core set of transferrable skills relevant to the role, acknowledge the industry-specific training that could easily be provided as well as the new and unique skills that would be brought into the business, making it a more diverse, creative and adaptable work place. This line of thinking is congruent with competency based recruitment models which allow for true talent innovation.

So what is really needed to achieve talent innovation and ultimately success within an organisation? In procurement, as in recruitment, some of the key transferrable skills required are: influencing, peer engagement, stakeholder management, strategy planning, and negotiating.  It is becoming increasingly apparent that due to the nature of procurement, organisations are placing more and more value on a candidate’s soft skills.  These critical skills can come from a diverse range of industry backgrounds and be easily applied within the procurement context.

So the lesson I take out of my own journey and the message I now share with our clients at The Source is this; if you really want to foster a diverse work culture with innovative and successful outcomes, have the courage to look beyond the ‘usual suspects’.

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