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The Contractor Series – Part 3

Published: 3 years, 2 months ago

Author: Agostino Carrideo


“Become Famous in Your Niche”


This article is focused on an old and sage business rule, becoming an expert and thought leader in a particular procurement discipline or other specialism means that you will be “credible” as a procurement contractor.


As you pursue your contracting career, your future potential clients need to feel that they are with a professional who understands their industry and has a comprehensive specialised knowledge of their wider environment and the challenges they face.


Here are 6 steps when applied in your day to day contracting life, will ensure you stand out from the crowd.


  • Think differently - even if you’re working on a project you don’t find that interesting, try to approach problems creatively and identify solutions that others have missed. Make time weekly to research the latest best practices in your niche and follow thought leaders on TEDx and LinkedIn.


  • Help your colleagues and/or clients – rather than thinking “How can my colleagues help me?" Think “What can I do for them?” The chances are that they’ll remember your support and be pleased to return the favour when you need help.


  • Contribute to your niche Find other ways to contribute to others, publishing in LinkedIn, newsletters and blogs. Write whitepapers and form alliances where you present your thoughts on best practices for your niche. A great place to start is inside your current organisation.


  • The devil’s in the detail – little things matter! Words, tone and style are easily misconstrued – try to ensure that the details of your work are in line with the overall clients objectives. Be the niche expert but know when to be the pragmatic contractor. 


  • Believe in yourself – have the confidence in yourself to promise (and deliver) a fantastic piece of work. Only then request testimonials to build your niche credibility and add these to your career branding.


  • Educate your “SELF” – You have all academic qualifications. It’s now time to invest in YOU and be a leader in your chosen niche. Engaging a Mentor or Leadership Coach can help procurement contractors identify and remove those interferences that limits professional and leadership development making way for an exciting career in their specialised niche. 


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Look out for Part 4 of the Contractor Series in the August 2014 eNews edition!