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The Source Congratulates Sanne Gruter

Published: 1 year, 9 months ago


A year after joining The Source, Sanne Gruter has stepped into a new role as Recruitment Consultant, with a mission to further grow the talent pool in procurement recruitment.

Sanne’s international recruitment experience combined with her high level of study has provided a unique skillset to The Source, where she plays a critical role in business development.


We’ve asked Sanne to share with us some of her favourite experiences at The Source so far, and also about her newly appointed role:


What is the scope and focus of your new role as Recruitment Consultant?

As a recruitment consultant, I am focussed on working more closely with junior and mid-level roles – contract or permanent. This responsibility enables me to properly oversee and foster talent coming from the junior ranks and develop their skills and careers further. I’m really passionate about building the talent pool from the bottom up and promoting the skill set of the next generation of procurement professionals.


You mentioned being more proactive in building the talent pool. What does that consist of?

It’s important to have good relationships with young professionals who are seeking procurement analysts and specialist roles. Now with a dedicated resource focussing on this level, it has helped us attract the best new talent possible. Further developing junior to mid-level roles has been a strong focus and I think this has enabled us to build a good talent pool and help forge various senior and executive roles as our contacts progress in their career.
What kind of qualities do you see as important when recruiting a new candidate?

For a junior role, definitely personality and ambition. This is important for any procurement analyst role where they need to be able to do market and spend analysis. For these types of candidates, we need to know where they want to take their careers, which allows us to then coach them towards that goal.

In terms of a mid-level role, we really look for a strong personality. This is invaluable as a procurement specialist, as they need to be confident enough to look for savings in the business where they see fit and to properly manage relationships with key stakeholders and suppliers. Combining background skill with a strong personality allows us to not only grow the business with them, but also to effectively manage the top 5 per cent of the market.


What specific skills are in demand for companies recruiting for procurement roles?

Analytical ability is a really important side of procurement. Internally, you need really good analysts – and this is really the backbone for procurement, especially when thinking big picture for the company. But I think a growing trend in procurement is effective stakeholder relationship management. These stakeholders grow to be a strategic partner of the business so companies need people who can look ahead and really grow these relationships.


In reflection of the past year, what experiences have been most memorable for you so far?

I’m most proud of The Source has done building our junior and mid-level roles. We have seen so much growth in the talent pool of this area which has ultimately allowed us to maintain a competitive advantage in the market, particularly against recruitment agencies in Sydney for example. Partnerning on large transformation projects with some of Australia's leading organisations have also been memorable, and I also think that simply establishing myself at The Source has been a personal highlight.


Finally, what would you say is the most interesting part of working in procurement?

The consulting side serves as an interesting approach to working in Procurement. It’s about being a strategic partner for the business and is challenging how procurement is perceived within the business as well. For me, I’m specifically interested in challenging clients to find out what they actually need so they can better understand the recruitment process and ultimately better manage their team to achieve company goals.

For more information or to speak to Sanne, please contact The Source on 03 9650 6665 or email Sanne directly at