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The Source - News update

Published: 2 years, 6 months ago

By Marisa Menezes


It’s been a busy start to the year for the team at The Source.


There was little chance to reminisce on our summer holidays, before the inevitable New Year rush of new procurement opportunities came flooding in.


The FMCG industry has seen the biggest shake up so far this year with a number of roles at high profile brands becoming available across a range of seniority and experience levels. We’re actively recruiting for these positions now so if you have experience in FMCG procurement, supply chain and category management, we’d love to hear from you.Specific sector experience we’re searching for is around indirect categories, construction and reporting/analytics.


The procurement contracting market is also booming in the region. As David Bennett explains, we’re seeing an increasing number of talented procurement professionals looking to transition into temporary roles as both an opportunity to sink their teeth into a challenging role and gain some valuable experience. David and the team have filled roles across all parts of Australia and even South East Asia and are actively searching for contractors of all levels, but particularly those with niche skills that are in hot demand. In the past quarter, The Source has filled several contract roles for one of Australia’s leading FMCG manufacturers.


Executive recruitment for procurement roles has also been a highlight of the last few months, according to Brendan Turner. Many hiring managers are now looking to retain The Source’s services as part of an exclusive recruitment engagement – to apply dedicated resources to identifying the specific requirements for the role and accessing the hidden market of senior procurement professionals.


There’s also a growing trend of procurement teams undertaking comprehensive capability assessment with the help of The Source. Capability assessments are critical to measuring the skills and knowledge base of procurement teams so managers can identify development opportunities to raise their team’s performance.


The Source team were proud to secure some high profile C-level appointments in the local procurement market in 2014, across a broad range of industries including telecommunications, FMCG, Infrastructure and engineering.


An integral part of our recruitment process is keeping in close contact with successful candidates as they transition into their new position. It’s great to see all the recruits in 2014 being welcomed into their new organisations and flourishing in their new environments.